1. Education and Training: As a #1 Priority the PTROI covers a wide range of topics from operating a tow truck to managing a business profitably to handling the stress of the day to day operations of a towing company.  Through training schools and seminars the tower is kept up to date on knowledge of current laws that pertain to the industry.
  2. Full Time Computerized Office: This office is open daily to assist you and answer your questions about the towing industry.  Our office is now equipped to supply VIN information to all members.   All it takes is to set up an account with the office and e-mail the VIN you would like information to the office.  We have been averaging 1 day or less in getting results back from the Secretary of State.
  1. Full Feature Web Site: Our web site contains valuable information for members only.  Information on pending legislation, our Tow Show, member lists, electronic versions of our newsletter and Member Handbook and much more.
  1. Official Newsletter (Beacon): Our award winning publication has won national acclaim for excellence four times.  Published ten times a year, every issue is packed with up-to date information and ideas.   The Beacon alone is worth the price of the membership.
  1. Membership Directory: Published bi-annually, this handy reference book lists PTROI members and the services they provide.  This directory is provided to PTROI members, trucking companies, leasing companies, policing agencies and other potential customers.
  1. Handbook: This informational e-book is supplied to PTROI members and provides not only association material but guidelines and samples of other items necessary for operating a towing business successfully.
  1. Novelty and Supply Items: These items available through PTROI are useful in bringing professionalism and recognition to you and the industry.  Among the items available are T-shirts and stickers for your trucks that contain the PTROI logo.
  1. Emergency Road Assistant Program: This program is a network of emergency services to you, or your customers, virtually anywhere in the state.
  1. Legislative Programs: The PTROI Legislative Committee is constantly studying laws and legislation assisted by our lobbyist and a watchdog service arranged through the Towing and Recovery Association of America.  Many legislative changes have come through our direct involvement in the legislative systems.
  1. Zone Meetings: These gatherings allow our members to become better acquainted with the local towing operators and discuss problems on a local level throughout the state.
  1. State Meetings: There are two general membership meetings each year.  These meetings give you the opportunity to exercise your rights as a member and determine the course of the association for the future.
  1. Board of Directors: The board meets four times a year.  The feelings and ideas of the members of PTROI are brought to the board through their elected directors.
  1. Legal Council: The PTROI can direct you to legal representation knowledgeable to the towing industry.
  1. Technical Updates: As information about the industry becomes available, it is distributed to PTROI members.
  1. Membership List: Available to PTROI members updated and distributed monthly.
  1. Annual Convention and Trade Show, other activities around the state. A great opportunity to meet friends and exchange ideas.
  1. Direction in Obtaining Insurance: The PTROI can recommend several programs to help with the insurance needs of your business.
  1. Towing and Recovery Association of America Affiliation: The PTROI is active and knowledgeable on a national level through its TRAA affiliation.
  1. Fuel Purchase Program: Speedway is currently discounting gas 5 cents per gallon to all members who have accounts with them and pay on time.
  1. Office Depot Purchasing Program: Members who join the purchasing program receive 10% to 80% off hundreds of products offered at every Office Depot in Illinois.
  1. Dacoteh-Walsh Tire Purchasing Program
  1. 24-48 hour turn-around on Illinois titles searches

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