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FMSCA Hours of Service Revisions take effect on September 29, 2020. Federal Motor Carrier has passed new HOS revisions that appear to be more flexible for CDL operators. For more, click here

Illinois Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Law takes effect on January 1, 2021.  This new law states that every employee in the state of Illinois must have this training. The PTROI has, on this website, the Illinois Department of Human Resources model training Powerpoint presentation. This is free and is said to take about 30 minutes.  For more, click here.


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Chicago Looks to Pass  Licensing Law                          for Tow Trucks

The City of Chicago has introduced an ordinance that would require licensing of all tow trucks. This is being done to fight wreckchasers. The PTROI has vehemently opposed this because, in our opinion, the law-abiding towers will be punished for the wrongs of a few. We have been making progress on this law, but it looks like there will be some sort of licensing in the future. We are doing our best to make it more palatable the the first draft.For the complete, first draft of the ordinance click here.





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  1. Education and Training: As a #1 Priority the PTROI covers a wide range of topics from operating a tow truck to managing a business profitably to handling the stress of the day to day operations of a towing company.  Through training schools and seminars the tower is kept up to date on knowledge of current laws that pertain to the industry. Click here for more.






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